‘Take A Nice Place Celebration’ for Potty Training

Expert Clinical Psychologist Göksu Telmaç stated that the summer months are ideal for toilet training and said, “Some of your developmental competences of your child come to the fore as factors that guide you in this matter, such as walking the child, performing simple orders, expressing simple requests, The conditions such as being able to give a clue about whether the child is ready for toilet training.

Having a toilet habit is a significant developmental event in a child’s life, so it is very important that your parents are ready for toilet training as well as your child. It is necessary to be patient, not to compare, to punish and not to go back. Since childhood bladder control is earned between 18 months and 3 years, toilet training usually starts around 2 years old. While some children earn toilet acclimation within a few days, some children show extreme resistance and come against toilet training, “he said.

Telmaç stated that parents’ wrong attitudes could lead to serious problems in the future, “Remember that every healthy child will soon learn toilet training. However, the attitudes of wrong education, repairs in children can cause problems of self-confidence, identity, self and attachment “.


Expert Clinical Psychologist Telmaç continued:

“Just as a nine-month-old baby can not be taught to walk because his muscles are not yet ready, a boy who can not speak a few simple words should not expect him to notice one of the physical needs of the evacuation … if a talking child remains dry for three or four hours and can make a large portion of his urine all at once I can now help you to learn to make your toilet a normal toilet like ours, and today you might prefer a start as if you were going to get some things for it. ”

Telmaç emphasized that consistency in toilet training is extremely important, and that relatives like caretakers or grandmothers do not make turns even after a short period of time, If the nursery is going to start, the education there starts at the same time as the education at home, the child needs to be settled on a toilet every half an hour to schedule a few successful experiences. “

He emphasized that in this period the child could escape from time to time and that in such a case, he would not react strongly to the child and that he should be avoided without any punishment during toilet training. He also stated that the comparison of the child with others is also of great importance. “The comparison with other children would be detrimental to the long term, even if it is effective in the short term. For this reason he said, ‘Look, your cousin has learned that you are still bezlin, bebexin, are you growing up?’


Telmaç emphasized that the child should be ill and constipated, had a sad affair, and that the toilet training should not be started in a situation where the order has changed, “Another very important point is that the mother feels ready for her mother.If the mother thinks she can not take enough time for toilet training, she should wait for the appropriate time. (moon, dirty, disgusting smell, etc.), and every successful experience of the child must be rewarded with words or applause such as ‘well done’.

“If you are over-resisting despite all this, it will be useful to get help from a psychologist or pedagogue. In some cases, it may even be necessary to suspend or delay education. ”


In terms of night education, there are different expert opinions indicating that Telmaç, said:

“To begin the night training, after the child’s daytime training is fully occupied, but using exercise panties and alezler instead of night cloths gives more beneficial results. Because when the bladder is full at night, the signal ‘Wake up, come on!’, Which allows you to wake up from deep sleep, becomes difficult.

Telmaç stated that the child should be taken to the hospital by setting a clock at night and should be awakened as much as possible. “When the child is nearly asleep, when the child is taken by the parents, education becomes difficult. It is an important influence that will make education easier when children are fully awake while their toilet is being aware of everything. “

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