Toilet Training Equipments You Will Need The Most While You Give Your Baby Toilet Training!


1. What are toilet training materials?

Before going to toilet training, it must be at home:

– Stool or adapter,

– Disposable and traditional toilet training exercise panties


–  Books or cards describing toilet training,

–   You’d better keep a model doll and a toy potty.

Recently, the toilet training table for promoting the motivation of the child and rewarding is also widely used.

2. Which toilet should be used for toilet training?

At the beginning of the most curious questions about toilet training is how to use a potty. When choosing potty for toilet training;

First, it is important to choose a durable and robust model. Do not fall while sitting up.

Give importance to your child’s favorite features. There are many alternatives in different colors and models that have entertaining design on the market, play music when you make toilet.

You can also use the personalization option. You can write your child’s name on the pottery, and stick out the most favorite cartoon characters.

You can also put a pot in the car, or use a portable pot, in addition to the potty in your home, so that toilet training can not be interrupted.

If you prefer what kind of potty, the meat is the potty that encourages the most beautiful potty child to toilet training, remember!

3. Should toilet medicine be preferred for toilet training?

If your child chooses to sit in the closet like adults, if you are curious about the closet, you can choose the adapter. If you prefer an adapter, you need to be careful with foot support. The toilet training staircase can also help your child to get out and sit easily.

4. How should toilet training panties be?

Purpose of training pants; toilet training and normal culling process. During toilet training we recommend using the following training panties, respectively:

Use horse training panties: the ideal ideal for starting toilet training. It feels wet. This facilitates toilet training as it causes children to feel uncomfortable when pissing or peeing. Besides this, it is absorbent. So it blocks the accidents. It can be used with peace of mind in traveling and home visits.

Traditional exercise panties: Very absorbent and durable. Toilet training can be used after a few successes at the beginning.

Night training panties: During the training period of the toilet, absorbent exercise panties can be used.

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