Top 10 Pot Which Are Most Preferred by MOMS


The moment came when you were waiting! Your child is ready to say goodbye and the toilet is ready to go! Perhaps one of the most pathetic moments of your parenting! One of the most important issues right now is probably the potty selection. Is it a chair-type potty that can turn into a potty, a potty that can be transformed into a baggy potty?

You may not know which one to choose, which is normal. In this post we have prepared for you, we will describe the most preferred potty models. We advise you to read carefully and make your decision like that.

By the way, we talked about the step-by-step Toilet training for children in our toilet training. If you want, you can have a look.
Do you really need a potty?

You may think that the only thing you need when you start toilet training is only the toilet of your home, but you can be sure that getting into work with an adult toilet will negatively impact the process. So we suggest you go shopping together if possible to introduce the child to the bathroom, and at least decide on the model if you decide.

So, how do you make your choice? Here are pots preferred by mothers:


Fisher Price’s potty model knows how to turn toilet training into fun for a child!

This potty toilet and toilet paper is a small copy of the adult toilet. In this way, children who like to imitate adults’ behaviors are allowed to run the toilet, and in the future it facilitates passage to the adult toilet.
This musical potty starts to play music when she does the children’s toilet and rewards her. This increases the confidence in the toilet.
Not that much, it can also be used as a toilet seat adapter after the seat and lid part are removed. So when you buy this product, you are not just buying a potty, you have an adapter. It saves you the cost of buying a second adapter until your child can use the adult toilet without support.



Potette, a British brand, stands out with Potette portable potty which can be used with pleasure at home or helping you on your journey.

If you can not find a toilet, you are an emergency, do you doubt the hygiene of the toilet, or do you want to present a clean toilet for your child who can not predict when the toilet will go in the beginning of the toilet training? Well, then this potty is for you!
This foldable potty is used with special handy pouches which have a pleasant smell and have a liquid gelling feature inside and can be easily carried in the bag.
This pot can also be used as a child toilet seat adapter.



Kraft, admired by children’s products, makes a difference with this potty model!

With a miniature adult toilet view and a variety of color choices from red to pink and from color to color, Kraft Music is a product that will enable a child to go to the toilet.
The most enjoyable feature is the music played on the siphon. It’s really a great prize!


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